Online Cooking with Zoom!
Zoom Thai cooking classes are hands-on and live with everyone taking part together.  Or, you can just watch as a demo if you prefer!
You don’t need to leave your home to learn how to cook Thai food. Learn the skills and techniques behind your favourite Thai food without leaving your kitchen. The best online cooking classes will teach you everything you need to know.

Ingredients are easy to prepare and to find in local Asian shops or supermarkets!

Green Curry with Chicken (1 serve):
  • Fish sauce (VEG: salt + soy sauce)
  • Coconut cream
  • Coconut milk
  • Cooking oil
  • Palm sugar



  • Chicken breast (VEG: tofu)
  • Sweet basil
  • Kaffir lime leaf
  • Pea egg plants
  • Green curry paste
  • Rice or potatoes (optional as side dish)
Pad Thai with Prawns (1 serve):
  • Cooking oil
  • Lime
  • Water (or stock)
  • Tamarind paste (or vinegar)
  • Sugar
  • Oyster sauce (VEG: seasoning soy sauce)
  • Palm sugar
  • Fish sauce (VEG: soy sauce)
  • Thin rice noodle (or glass noodle)
  • Prawns
  • Egg
  • Tofu
  • Salted Chinese radish
  • Ground roasted peanuts
  • Shallots, garlic
  • Bean sprout
  • Chinese garlic chives
  • Chili powder

SHARED ONLINE CLASS (shared, 35 $/class)



  • Welcome & Greeting: Introduction to Alisa and participants
  • Getting started: Summary of the dishes and ingredients
  • Cooking begins!  Alisa cooking along with participants and responding to questions
  • Dish up and toast with the drinks of your choice
  • Class ends
Looking for a unique gift idea or looking to learn a new skill yourself! Why not book a private online class? This is a wonderful opportunity to experience making authentic Thai dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen

A dedicated 2 hour Thai cooking class where you also have the option to work with Alisa to design your own menu. Our menu consists of 2 main dishes. Menu can be tailor-made for you with your preference and dietary requirements.

PRIVATE ONLINE CLASS (1 person private, 55 $/class):


  • Welcome & Greeting: Introduction of the class and how it all works
  • Introduction to ingredients and dishes
  • Cooking time!  Alisa will be virtually cooking alongside you. Please ask as many questions as you like as we cook
  • Dish up and toast with the drinks of your choice
  • Class ends

Choose your available time. Please kindly double-check the start time of your selected class in your time zone before booking.

·         Class at 9:00 am (Bkk time, GMT+7)

·         Class at 1:00 pm (Bkk time, GMT+7)

·         Class at 5:00 pm (Bkk time, GMT+7)

·         Class at 8:00 pm (Bkk time, GMT+7)

How to book your class?
  1. Fill out the reservation request by clicking Book Now
  2. Alisa will check on availability first and will come back to you shortly
  3. Confirmation time and date
  4. Online Payment
  5. Have fun cooking with Alisa on the confirmed date
(Please make sure you download Zoom before the start of your cooking class)
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